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Suffolk County Supreme Court

Per Diem Services in Suffolk County, New York 


The LAW OFFICE OF MARIA SCHEURING provides unparalleled coverage for Court Conferences, Depositions, Appeals and any other Legal Matters throughout Suffolk County, New York.


Many Law Firms and Attorneys in the New York City Metro Area, understandably find it inefficient to appear on Court Cases, Conferences, Depositions, etc. as far West as Riverhead, Central Islip, or any of the Suffolk County District Courts. Hours of commuting time, cost and frustration can easily be avoided. Let the LAW OFFICES OF MARIA SCHEURING cover the cases for you and feel confident knowing your cases are being handled promptly, personally and professionally. 


We are different from many Law Firms and Per Diem Services that merely provide you with a summary of the occurrences AFTER they occurred. You will not only receive a written report the day of the coverage, but in the event of questions or unforeseen issues that may arise, direct attorney contact, if requested, via telephone, text or email LIVE from Court as the events occur from the attorney handling the matter. LIVE UPDATES will prevent unintended consequences that can sometimes occur with the unpredictability of the legal forums.  


You can be confident that the outcome you want will be the one you get with the



 PER DIEM FEE SCHEDULE                 













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