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November 2021


In November 2021, I became the new Chairperson for the Alive After Five Festival in Patchogue, NY for the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.  After a number of years as the Executive Music Director, I was asked to step up and take the leadership position of running the Festival, which is held on four Thursday nights over the summer.  It boasts an average attendance of 20,000 - 30,000 per night, with over 30 restaurants and bars, 9 stages of music, vendors and entertainment.  


May 2021


In May 2021, I announced my run for Town Supervisor of Smithtown, New York.  Fully aware of my odds running against the current patriarchy in Smithtown, I felt it important to challenge those that sometimes get too comfortable in positions of power where they stop serving the community in place of their pockets.  It was a very rewarding experience, that I will never regret.

March 2021

IMG_4066 3.jpg



Pleased to announce I now represent this amazing Rock Band ASTORIA STATE as Co-Manager and Legal Counsel!


ASTORIA STATE, an American Rock Band is:  


               Lead vocals/guitar Danny Resnick, (and keyboard player for the band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,),

               Guitar Jesse Carroll

               Bass Cameron Horst

            Drums Jon Longley

"The members of Astoria State have been professional musicians and road warriors in bands for the past decade.  They’ve been supporting members in various projects, and have now decided the time is right to step forward and take the lead roles in a project they’ve been visualizing together for years. They began writing together in July, and by September they were recording at The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Drummer Jon Espy’s Home Studio in Santa Clarita, CA with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatuss Ron Winter as their producer.   Bassist Cameron Horst, a longtime friend of Resnick since their high school days in Anchorage, Alaska was brought in to round out the current lineup."  (

The first single and video from their upcoming EP, "The Suffer, The Salvage" for ASTORIA STATE"Nobody Knows", due for release on all major platforms on APRIL 2, 2021....



January 2021

JASON PAUL, a talented actor and award-winning children's book author, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in volunteering some of my legal services to help a 7-year old talented and aspiring author have her first book professionally edited, illustrated and published. All of the proceeds will be going to a trust for her education and, by her choice, "toys for all the children who don't have them".  Of course I was willing and excited to be a part of this beautiful project!  Working with Jason Paul, gifted illustrator, Luigi Cannavicci, her teacher, Courtney Lee Simpson, and family, we are working to make this dream come true for Elizabeth Gibson!

Click link below to view local news segment:


4-3-22 - Astoria State with Jon.jpg
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 6.jpg
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 8.jpg
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 11.jpg
2-1-21- - JASON PAUL 4.PNG
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 7.jpg
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 9.jpg
2-1-21 - JASON PAUL 3.PNG

December 2020: 

Organized fundraiser  and sponsor for "save the stages" for 89 North Music Venue.  DANNY MIRANDA, of Blue Oyster Cult, helped us out with raising money and promoting 3 amazing Long Island Bands, MJT,  WAKE THE SUN AND JELLYBAND.

Link to the entire concert and fundraising event here.


OCTOBER 2020:  

'the law firm of maria scheuring" nominated for "best law firm in long island 2021"


Since 2018, I have been the Executive Music Director for the Alive After Five Festival in Patchogue, New York.  I was personally responsible for reviewing and selecting all the Musicians and Bands to play on each of the stages on each of the four nights of the Summer Festival.  As a Member of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, and an Attorney who is also a Musician, I was asked to and privileged to take on this task.  I worked closely with the Executive Board at the Chamber and Blue Point Brewery to chose bands that represented the themes of the festival:  Pride, Military and Veterans, Women in the Arts and Cultural Diversity.   As an attorney I personally negotiated, drafted and executed all the contracts between the Musicians and the Sponsors.  Each of the Festival nights were heavily attended and averaged 20,000 to 30,000 attendees.

Shortly after my first Alive After Five involvement, the Village of Patchogue was named one of only four in the United States, "2019 Great Neighborhoods" by the American Planning Association, and received such recognition for demonstrating the importance of creating a "vibrant and sustainable community".  

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021: PRO BONO AWARD RECIPIENT

The Suffolk County Bar Association, Nassau Suffolk Law Services and the Suffolk County Pro Bono Foundation, have honored me with Awards for each of the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, for the Pro Bono work I have done with Matrimonial Clients.  I have been particularly inspired to assist my clients that have been victims of domestic abuse and violence, and helping them seek freedom, peace and justice.


I am extremely grateful and honored to be named "PRO BONO ATTORNEY OF THE MONTH" by The Suffolk County Bar Association, Nassau Suffolk Law Services and the Suffolk County Pro Bono Foundation. It's humbling to be recognized for just doing what I can to help those in need, but hoping to be an example of service to others. Thank you!

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