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As a musician and guitarist, I know all too well that most artists don't think about the importance of having a lawyer knowledgable in the industry until you have a contract to sign.  Once that contract is signed, you are bound by its terms, whether or not you understand the wording or the implications.

Alive After Five
Blue Point Brewing Company

I am the Executive Music Director for Alive After Five Festival in Patchogue, New York.  


As part of this role, I'm privileged to meet with musicians and bands, see them perform, generate connections between musicians, venues and sponsors, and boost exposure to Long Island Local Artists and Venues.   


I personally select each of the bands to perform over four nights in the summer on stages sponsored by the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce and Blue Point Brewery.  Each of these nights has an average of 20,000 to 30,000 in attendance.  I negotiate, draft and execute all Contracts and Riders for the Bands and Musicians with the Sponsors, and coordinate the performances on each of the nights and stages.  

MARIA SCHEURING, ESQ. on electric guitar for Metallica's Master of Puppets (6/16)

For Musicians:

  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts for our musician clients between band members, managers, venues, publicists, record labels and others to assure legality and a fair advantage the Musician. ​

  • Assist the musician in knowing the rights they have and speeding up the process of making deals in the industry.

  • Act as general counsel for established artists, helping with marketing and merchandising deals.     

  • Help musicians secure the rights to their music and lyrics, as well as the right to use music that other artists have written, complying with copyright laws.

  • Handles contracts with Musicians that are Minors (under 18) to insure fairness and proper execution to protect the talent and work to secure future career security.  

For Music Promotors and Vendors:

  • We assist in maintaining relationships between the live venues and promotion companies with musicians and bands.

  • Negotiation, drafting and enforcement of band contracts and show schedules.

  • Act as general counsel

  • Act as an intermediary between venues and promoters with music and bands. 


Having a lawyer who has a specific background in handling contracts in the music industry to draft, negotiate, review and execute contracts and make sure everything works as much to your advantage as possible, is essential to success in the industry.  


THE LAW OFFICE OF MARIA SCHEURING has the experience to assist the Musician, Bands, Music Venues and Music Merchants, in contracts with record labels, managers, agents, concert promoters and producers, tour crew agreements and equipment rentals, recording studio rentals,  music licensing and royalty agreements and copyright issues.

Long Island band 

performing at 89 North Music Venue, Patchogue, NY

For Music Merchants:

  • Contract drafting for lessons, instrument rentals, purchases, and instrument repairs.

  • Assist music merchants in collections from unpaid purchases or unreturned rental instruments, from drafting letters to collection litigation.

  • Act as general counsel for music merchants and businesses for all legal needs.    

  • Help merchants secure contracts with vendors and providers of musical instruments.  


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